Jahresinhaltsverzeichnis Artisan International 2015

Baking test
Bread meets spuds Differences between different loaves made with various potato products118
Who and with whom - Ingredient ratios when making sponge mixtures The effect of the flour quality, the proportion of flour to starch and the amount of whole egg sugar foams on the quality of sponge bases128
Raw materials
Manufacturing sprouted grain bread Loaves containing sprouting grains not only taste interesting but are also interesting because of the nutrients they contain. However, adding sprouting grains must be equated with using sprouted grain and affects the the dough preparation.16
Unmistakeable aroma Anyone who uses the opportunities that special fermentations offer, baked goods can be manufactured with a completely individual taste. There are very many options here so that it is worth experimenting.112
A holistic approach The Zippel mill bakery based on the Haus Bollheim Demeter farm in Oberelvenich grinds the grain from its own farm‘s biologically dynamic crop freshly every day and makes a wide range of organic baked goods from it.144
From grain to bread Bücker’s Backhaus in Lippstadt in Westphalia celebrates its 20 year anniversary in 2015. In two decades it has successfully developed from a traditional farm shop to a speciality manufacturer with its own national mail order service.138
Healthy grain The symposium of the same name by the Institut für Lebensmittel- und Umweltforschung e.V. (ILU) (The German Institute for Food and Environmental Research) examined everything about barley beta glucan.172
Special topic
Hot ovens Customers love pizzas and flatbread and they are very suitable for a bakery’s range. They are traditionally baked for a short time at high temperatures but they can also be made in a perfectly normal multi-deck oven.136
Bread doughs kneaded in the batch system The kneading process is an important basic process when making wheat loaves in order to achieve the required product quality. Whereas doughs containing mainly rye are normally kneaded until the dough is homogeneously mixed, ideal kneading for mainly wheat150
On the safe side A range of tests with long time method baguette doughs showed that the use of a cooked wheat sourdough not only improved the taste but also helps to guarantee a reproducible quality.154
Tested kneading processes The development of a new method for measuring dough consistency continuously using dielectric spectroscopy using a spiral kneader as an example.164
The kneading process An expert just has to look into the kneader to judge the dough quality but in addition to that it’s worth looking at the inside of the dough.158